Placement isn’t done yet – so we don’t know where we are.  We expect to have ‘good’ location on E around 4:30 like last year.  We’re not the big kitties – so we’re around Kidsville normally.

  • Camp Sink
  • Generator/Battery/Charging Station
  • 2000 ft^^2  of shade
  • Ridiculously big solar shower area
  • Family meals Wednesday-Saturday

We are not plug-n-play though, so you need your own gear and non-family meal food.

Camp setup is preopen Thursday/Friday.  Tear down is late Saturday – early Sunday morning.  If staying for the Temple burn – make sure you moop camp.  🙂

We’re a happy cat family – there aren’t volunteer assignments.  Everyone does what needs doing if they know how to do it.  If you never touched a generator before, leave it alone please.  🙂