Placement isn’t done yet – so we don’t know where we are.  We expect to have ‘good’ location on E around 4:30 like last year.  We’re not the big kitties – so we’re around Kidsville normally.

There is a full camp write up for members.  Dues this year are tiered:

  • Confirmed before 22 July : $325
  • Confirmed 23-31 July: $350
  • Confirmed before gate open: $400

Dues are due (lol) 31 July.  Late comers are welcome long as we have room and time to get stuff before hand.  We don’t want to run out of group meal stuff early mostly.  We feel bad about charging anyone anything, but transport is hella expensive.  🙁  We are currently setting up banking and things to be more legit for this year.  Payment info coming soon,.

  • Camp Sink
  • Generator/Battery/Charging Station
  • 1000 ft^^2  of shade
  • Ridiculously big solar shower area
  • Family meals Wednesday-Saturday

We are not plug-n-play though, so you need your own gear and non-family meal food.

Camp setup is preopen Thursday/Friday.  Tear down is late Saturday – early Sunday morning.  If staying for the Temple burn – make sure you moop camp.  🙂

We’re a happy cat family – there aren’t volunteer assignments.  Everyone does what needs doing if they know how to do it.  If you never touched a generator before, leave it alone please.  🙂