Bike Rental (Non-Kitty) 26″


A medium sized bike by default.  Uncomfortable if you are very big or very small.  Sorry.  If you need something special tell us and we’ll try.  If we have time we’ll actually buy a new one that fits you.

This includes a lock.  You’ll lose your bike without this.

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Yeah, it’s a bike.  Get a new or almost new bike with a lock.  We do not rent shit bikes like most places that were dug out of the dust last year.  If you bring it back – we’ll refund $100.  If you want to gift it  – awesome.  DO NOT LEAVE IT ON PLAYA!  There are scan bars.  We know where you live.  We have cats.  You need to bring a print out of the confirmation page or have the password.

Want to pimp it out?  You can paint or fur the fuck out of this.  We don’t care.  If you want to return – do not hide the scan bar if you want credit.  We don’t know whose it is when we get home.

All bikes are ‘guy bikes’ with the testicle crushing middle bar.  Nobody is wearing hoop skirts probably – and these are more durable.

Note too – we do not fix bikes.  We’re not a bike camp.  We’re a cat camp.  We’ll help if we can – but bring spare tubes and find air on your own.

Come to camp – flash a printout or your phone and claim your stuff.  Bring it back by Sunday morning if you want credit.  Otherwise, give to somebody who needs it.

Kitties (campers) pay much less.  Because we’re lazy.


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