Regular Registration


Camp dues.  Yay.

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Yeah, you got your shit together and you know cat camp is yours!  Slap down that PayPal or credit card and pay your damn dues.  Seriously – running a camp is expensive AF.


  • Family Meals Wednesday-Saturday nights
  • Breakfasts when somebody is ambitious enough to make them
  • Kitchen access
  • A gallon per day of tepid water
  • A shower!  We limit the water per shower, but it’s better than dirt.
  • Access to camp water (not tasty – but, meh…)
  • Gray water disposal
  • Camp Trash disposal

We only require your soul!  Actually just be nice and help out.  And help us pay the bills.

The price RISES as we approach the date.  This encourage you to pay early so we can shop early for everyone’s stuff.


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