Welcome to ‘CAT Camp’

Welcome to the intersection between nerds,artists, and cat people in the Venn diagram of the Internet. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that makes tools and programs to make awesome things. Plus we make people eat bugs at Burning Man.

And yeah, we are Pussy Avalanche on playa. For whatever reason people have trouble going to our site from work computers. Can’t imagine why. Our SFW URL is here.

Twitchy?   Introverted?  Like cats?   You might have found a new home on the playa with other weirdos like you.  Weโ€™re from all over, speak lots of languages, are all ages, and like you just the way you are.

We usually do have placed art โ€“ and we encourage campers to help with it (itโ€™s a lot of work tbh).

We are a world wide camp โ€“ with many of us based around the Gulf coast of the US.  If you are flying in from outside the US we can help with logistics or ride shares into the playa.  We do have a lending library of used camping gear available for free (gasp) if you need it.

  In general โ€“ we not accepting people who want to park on our lot and not be part of camp just because we are responsible for cleaning up after you, unless we know who you are.

We are very much an unprofit โ€“ but we do ask a contribution for the water, fuel, and transport if you can afford it.   Costs is estimated a few months before based on the estimates we get from vendors and current fuel costs in the area.  The cost is generally around $400 USD โ€“ if you are a new camper you must pay in advance unless arranged in advance.

Important Notes for New Kitties

When you come to the playa โ€“ do not expect to leave any gear in storage with us unless you have already made arrangements.  We have plenty of bikes and gear to lend.   If anyone misses a year and has not made arrangements, all stored gear goes to the litter box/library or will be donated unless you let us know whatโ€™s going on.

Take out whatever you bring.  This includes your snacks and food.  Do not expect to leave your hamster jerky in the kitchen or in camp.  Do not overbuy โ€“ you will not eat everything you bring likely.

If you are using the Burner Express โ€“ you wonโ€™t need the water, but you will need the trash bag.  Take out some trash (please) โ€“ keep in your tent and put your personal trash in it and take it out.

If you are stuck with an urgent cat related issue contact us at idiots @ thatcatcamp.com.  Otherwise โ€“ apply at this handy Google form.

Camp ‘Features’

Shady AF!

2000+ sq feet and growing!


Yup – we group buy water and gray water pick up so you don’t need to bring those weird tasting jugs.


We do have a largish storage space by the Playa for your crap. If you miss a year with us, it goes into the lending pool unless you ask otherwise.


Poorly planned group meals most nights! Kitchen open for your disgusting instant noodles 24/7.

‘Luxurious’ Facilities

There is always money in the banana stand, and there’s always some new iteration of the shower system. Water isn’t infinite out there so we do ask you to not go too crazy though.

Bulk Buys

We buy a lot of stuff needed in bulk with group funds – way cheaper and less moop. If volunteering for group meal prep – we got you.

Planned Events for 2024!

Dirty Henna!

What could be better than having drunken degenerates mark you with semi-permanent decorations!  What could go wrong?

Toxoplasmosis Bar!

Toxoplasmosis Bar! Proudly serving coffee, tea, hydration drinks, and poorly mixed booze throughout the event.  Ask about eating a bug!

The Litter Box!

Like digging through resale shops?  Rummage through dusty bins of weird clothes we store in our vermin ridden garages and or leave whatever.  You might make a new friend!

The traditional call to action on a landing page!

It's pretty easy to be a Kitty - campers need to:

1) Abide by the Ten Principles.   (harder than you might think)

2) Have another Kitty accept/vouch for you (easy enough - just ask)

3) Participate in camp work (build up, tear down, meal prep, or events) if capable of doing so - and absolutely follow the simple safety rules (no flames around fuel, don't block the extinguishers, and absolutely no smoking in the tent area to keep from burning the place down)

4) Share the space with other kitties - including arranging tents, bikes so everyone has some shade and room.   If you have one of those insane multiroom tents you're probably going to have to camp mostly outside unless it's a shared space so we can fit/walk.

5) Pay into the camp fund for the year if you can so we can continue to afford such luxury.  

6) Unless you are cooking for the camp - stay the hell out of the kitchen.   Opening and shutting things in dusty, hot desert isn't great for perishables.

If you want to join us this year – fill out the form (this makes it much easier on us) or email us.