Our 'Services'

Camping with us is a life scarring experience


Don't expire by yourself in the burning sun - expire next to one of us under our ramshackle structure.


Why just eat ramen, when you can eat 'gourmet' meals prepared by stoned, patchouli soaked idiots in dirty pans? We don't do vegan because cats don't eat tofu.


We're bringing water this year. It's going to taste funky by the last day.


Yeah, we're bringing bikes to reduce camp fees. Rent one. They aren't shit like the ones you get elsewhere.


We have a lot of events. For a camp our size - we have an event for every couple people. Most have only a couple for a large group.

Our Story

Our Story

Through a series of unfortunate choices, we have enough money to do stupid crap like this, but not to do anything useful. Yay us. We're mostly tech nerds. We think that Burning Man stuff should be weird, interactive, and not be to make piles of money for the organizers. We are succeeding very well on the last point.

Our Team

O - how the mighty have fallen!
Cat Enthusiast and Fit Driver
Child Star and Nerd
Drunken Clown

Happy Customers

Hear what previous victims say about our camp!

Life is pain. Join this camp.