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Camping with us is a life scarring experience


Don't expire by yourself in the burning sun - expire next to one of us under our ramshackle structure. 2000 square feet of dusty hippies.


Why just eat ramen, when you can eat 'gourmet' meals prepared by stoned, patchouli soaked idiots in dirty pans?


We have camp water and a luxurious spray shower. You can pretend you're Meryl Streep in 'Silkwood'!


You can pay for a cheap bike and we'll store it for you as long as you're a repeat offender with the camp. If you don't return - we'll pawn it for Four Loko money.


We have a lot of events. You want to do something you think is fun? You found the right place - you'll easily gather a handful of dazed drunkards to do your bidding.

Life is pain. Join this camp.

Hear what previous victims say about our camp!
Amanda Lay

Amanda Lay

Life changing experience

I was expecting drug fueled orgies in the playa. I spent my volunteer nights cutting out cat pictures from 'Family Circle'. Some guy called 'Evil' asked my to fix his iPad 'since you're Asian'. I have taken up knitting and hate all these bastards.

Ginger Vitus

Ginger Vitus

Changed my life

I used to have extreme fun from Pattaya to Ibiza with the rich and famous. After watching some old dude try to light a propane stove for 45 minutes to cook ramen and tuna - I realized that life is pain.

Harry Beaver

Harry Beaver

Acceptance to emptiness

Ater telling one camper I was really a dude, I really lost faith in humanity. They really don't care - and not in a way that makes me comfortable at all.

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