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    Bike Rental (Non-Kitty) 26″

    A medium sized bike by default.  Uncomfortable if you are very big or very small.  Sorry.  If you need something special tell us and we’ll try.  If we have time we’ll actually buy a new one that fits you.

    This includes a lock.  You’ll lose your bike without this.

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    fly-in burner package

    • 1 ‘2 person’ Tent (realistically – this barely fits one plus your shoes)
    • 1 40F or better sleeping bag
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    Give us money!

    Ben Franklin, on a hundred dollar bill, smiles, having recieved a kiss on the forehead

    Yeah – if you just want to donate money – go for oy.  It’s cheaper though if you  use crypto or direct transfer though.

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    Regular Registration

    Camp dues.  Yay.